I need help I need two veneers/crowns on two upper front teeth, I want them to look perfect and nice and feldspathic?

I need help I need two veneers/crowns on two upper front teeth, I want them to look perfect and nice and I had them done by davinci and i liked them 10 years ago, a new dentist, after mine retired, screwed them up horribly when he said he would match what i had before. He threw away everything and told me to go elsewhere. DR ROMANO he was awful to me. I need help getting feldspathic PJC back. I don't know a good lab to do it and Davinci will not fix it. Please tell me a lab better then davinci?

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Porcelain veneers

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I am sorry to hear about you current situation. Davinci isn't the only lab that does feldspathic porcelain. There are many excellent lab technicians who can rebuild your smile. I suggest finding a dentist who is comfortable doing limited restorations and matching the natural teeth.You may need to interview several before settling on a dentist. Ask to see before and afters of treatment. Ask if the dentist has a close working relationship with the lab they use. Ask to schedule time to look at the veneers before they are bonded in your mouth. It is important for you to let your expectations be know up front. Make sure that you are comfortable with your decision before you have the work done. 

Dallas Dentist

Dental Lab better than DaVinci?

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Jason Kim Dental Lab in Long Island is an excellent cosmetic dental laboratory.  Jason Kim is a master technician and I am sure he could provide what you want if you have an excellent cosmetic dentist that will communicate with him.  To get perfect veneers for your smile, do not be surprised that fees will be higher.  Your smile is worth it!


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All you need is a dentist that works with a great ceramist. Making 2 front teeth that look like teeth takes artistic talent.  Search online and see close up photos of the dentist's work. Take your time, you're talking about your front teeth!

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Matching two porcelain veneers #DrSoftTouch

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I'm sorry to hear that you have not had a good experience up to this point. Matching two veneers to the adjacent teeth can be done but it can be challenging. I would suggest finding an experienced cosmetic dentist with excellent before and after photos. Be prepared to see your dentist for several appointments. With cases such as yours, it's not uncommon to have to send the veneers back to the lab a time or two to have adjustments made. I hope this helps. Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future. 

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