What are the cosmetic dental labs as good or better then da vinci? I have a dentist I just need a cosmetic lab.

I don't like the emax veneers I just got, I had davinci veneers I loved 10 years ago. A new dentist, after mine retired, he took no photos or kept no study models, and made them emax, he re tried doing them still awful, it was never going to be right, he was awful, and I didn't like them and black triangle hurt my gums bleeding awful experience. So I am looking for lab that's better or as good as davinci, (feldspathic) what are the cosmetic dental labs as good or better in then da vinci? Thanks.

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Porcelain veneers

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Every experienced cosmetic dentist has a great lab that they work with.  I personally prefer feldspathic veneers.  Wax ups, study models and pictures are very important.  Your dentist need to send all of these to the lab and communicate with him.  Most cosmetic doctors that do many veneers , usually work with the same reliable lab that they have relationship with.  Good luck.  

Looking for an cosmetic lab...#DrSoftTouch

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An experienced cosmetic dentist will have a relationship with an excellent lab and communicate with them frequently about smile designs. You, as the patient, do not need to research dental labs for your dentist to use. Doctors who are used to doing these types of cosmetic cases always work with the same lab, to ensure excellent results. I hope this helps and follow me on RealSelf for more questions and answers.

Beautiful beneers

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the lab is not the magic maker!  The dentist must design the smile, communicate with the lab, provide photos and smiles you like. A wax up is necessary to see if the shape and contour are beautiful in the patients face. The results should be predictable. Doctors who are used to doing cosmetic cases, work with the same lab to get great results. 

Email is the new material and is much stronger than empress or feldspathic porcelain. The cosmetics are not as nice. 

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