Is it me or do crowns look worse? What should I do now? (Photos)

Just paid a lot to fix a slight bump after invisline and they suggested doing 4 now I feel they look bad. I'm really upset they were glued in Tuesday. This is not what I wanted... In some lighting they look too dark other too odd white. The 4 don't seem to match and they look blocky to me.

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Unhappy with crowns

If the crowns were already cemented then the only way to correct this is to have them remade.

Do the crowns cover the entire tooth or are they just on the front (veneers).

Did you have an opportunity to "test drive" the smile withe temporary restorations?

Did the dentist give you an opportunity to see the final restorations before they were permanently cemented?

I would advise that you go back to your dentist and express your concerns. 

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Blocky Teeth

I agree with you that your teeth appear blocky. Unfortunately the only way to fix that is to remake the crowns. To make sure you're happy with the final outcome, have provisional crowns made to make sure you are happy with how they look and feel. Once you're ok with how they look and feel, your dentist can copy the shape and contours of the provisional in the final crowns. 



From the photos you provided it is difficult to judge the color and the smile.  It would be best to send a full face with the smiles before and after.  


Dr. Maddahi

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