Clicking Noise 2 Weeks Post-op Septorhinoplasty

Hello. I am 2 weeks post septorhinoplasty and everything seems to be healing well. However, the other day I noticed when I put a little pressure on the nasal bone between my eyes I can click something back and forth. It is not visible and does not hurt, but is weird. Thanks you.

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Clicking of nose

At two weeks post rhinoplasty, I wouldn't be squeezing anything because the bones are not likely to be completely healed and you may be pushing on them.

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Clicking Noise 2 Weeks Post-op Septorhinoplasty

From your description return to the chosen rhinoplasty surgeon ASAP to in person examine you. Not a good thing to have a clicking noise could be dislodged bone/cartilage. Seek care. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl j. Blinski

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What causes a clicking noise after rhinoplasty?

Generally clicking sounds occur when cartilage is able to rub across another firm structure.  By your description it is probably the upper lateral cartilages.  In this area, the noise should go away as the structures scar into place.

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