Are there any plastic surgeons in Ohio that do follow up care when you have sx abroad?

Im from the Cleveland Ohio area and would like to have f/u care from a PS once I get back from Dominican Republic. I'm getting TT LIPO BBL BA
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Follow up care

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Thank you for your question. Paying for follow up care here- which you will likely require a lot of, is going to be costly. If you are going to DR to save money on surgery, then you might want to consider this additional cost and reconsider whether it is worth it. Ideally, you would be followed closely after multiple, extensive surgeries, by your own Plastic Surgeon.

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Surgery overseas; after care in the United States

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You have received a litany of good answers to this question. In my opinion the best solution is to stay in the country for a good amount of time during your healing process so that your operating plastic surgeon can take care of you postoperatively. If you choose to have care after surgery in the United States you need to set that up prior prior to your operation overseas.  Typically there is a fee for this service. The fee varies greatly.  Have your plastic surgeon overseas help you with this. Good luck.

Follow-up challenges after overseas surgery

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The procedures that you describe are multiple and extensive and require several months of close follow-up observation by your treating surgeon.  My suggestion is that you should only go overseas for surgery if you can spend the required months there during your recuperation.  This will give you assurance of support in case questions or problems develop during healing.   A doctor in Ohio is unlikely to be willing to take on that responsibility for another's work especially if any complications of significance occur.
Think carefully about your choices and best wishes.

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Surgery Abroad

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Hello and thank you for your inquiry.  It may be best to contact your plastic surgeon in Dominican Republic to see if he/she has any relationships with board certified plastic surgeons in your area.  You can also try contacting board certified plastic surgeons in your area to see if the selected surgeon is willing to see you as follow up.  Keep in mind that follow-up care may be unavailable. Problems, most often minor, which require surgical revisions or other treatment, are always a possibility, so it is important that your surgeon is accessible. Most doctors are reluctant to handle problems, even minor ones, of surgeries they did not perform, particularly if they are unsure what techniques were used initially.

Are there any plastic surgeons in Ohio that do follow up care when you have sx abroad?

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Most boarded PSs in USA do not care to offer free service in a postop patients from overseas especially from the DR. SOOOOOO many complications! If you offer to pay before the visit I am sure you can  find a PS to offer you care. BUT this will be expensive!

Stay Close to your Surgeon

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I recommend you stay close to your plastic surgeon until he releases you.  Medical tourism is not recommended as other surgeons are not interested in taking on the liability of treating patients operated on out of the country.  Best wishes.

Are there any plastic surgeons in Ohio that do follow up care when you have sx abroad?

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Generally, I suggest that patients stay closer to home when undergoing "mommy makeover" surgery;   obviously, post op care and management of any complications that may arise are of concern.

If patients do choose to have the procedures done at a distance, it would be a good idea to have a plastic surgeon available to help with postoperative care and/or complications. Your chosen plastic surgery may have a referral for you. Otherwise, you will need to contact board-certified plastic surgeons in your area with the specific question. Best wishes.

Are there any plastic surgeons in Ohio that do follow up care when you have sx abroad?

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Thank you for your question.  I would recommend you first reach out to your DR physician to see if they have any reciprocal relationships with plastic surgeons in Cleveland that would be willing to see you during your recovery.  If they do not, call several plastic surgery practices in your area and ask if they would be willing to do so for a fee.  Best wishes on your upcoming surgery!

Follow Up after an Out of Country Mommy MakeOver

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Thank You for your question.  You should inquire with your current Plastic Surgeon in The Dominican  Republic for a referral list of Plastic Surgeons he would recommend you follow up with post operatively in the US.  If this is not an option I would suggest you go to the ASPS website for a list of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in your area to inquire if they are available to treat you post operatively.  I hope this helps and Good Luck with your surgery!!    

Post op care

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Speak with your surgeon in the Dominican and see if he or she has reciprocal privileges with a surgeon in your area. Otherwise, find a board certified surgeon on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website for your follow up care. However, keep in mind that you will need to pay for each visit and this is costly. It might make more sense to have your surgery done locally. 
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