Am I a candidate for Smile Care Club? (Photo)

I have not had braces before. I am extremely self conscious about my teeth. Because of cost, I am interested in Smile Care Club. I do not know if my teeth are too crowded for it however. What do you recommend?

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Smile Care Club

I have to respectfully disagree with Dr. Thompson.  I have been providing comprehensive orthodontics for over 23 years. I took the first Invisalign course in 1999. The first generation aligners were very limited. Currently, I am an ELP (endorsed local provider) for the Smile Care Club.  Today, using the Smile Care Club associated lab, I am able to treat complex orthodontic cases.  The vast majority of my cases do not require IPR (interproximal reduction).  

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Clear aligner candidate? #SarahThompsonDMD

Based on your crowded teeth on the bottom, it may not be a good idea to try the smile care club.  Those cases generally work fine for people with very small gaps or slight tooth mis-alignments.  However, when you have some teeth that are crowded, the best way to straighten them is to have the dentist do some interproximal reductions prior to clear aligner therapy.  Most dentists will not endorse smile care club for this reason.  It is pretty incomplete and ineffective for many people, but the company will often not tell you this because they want to be profitable.  I have attached one of my Invislaign patient cases to show you what a cosmetic dentist can do for you. Follow me if you have more questions.
Sarah Thompson, DMD
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Sarah Thompson, DMD
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SmileCareClub and your Teeth

SmileCareClub is one of the newest and most innovative options for aligning your teeth on the market.  From this one photo, it's not possible for me to definitively decide if you are a candidate, but I would recommend completing their complementary Photo Assessment online.

This product does involve a comprehensive treatment plan from an Orthodontist or General Dentist with aligner experience in your state, but for on the large part it utilizes Tele-Dentistry. This product is great for busy people who have mild to moderate crowding and a healthy bite who just want to align their front teeth or close some space.

As always, before you begin your orthodontic treatment with any doctor, make sure you've visited your family dentist for a check-up and cleaning so that you teeth are ready to go!

Best of luck with your alignment!
Dr. Wong

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Smile Care Club

It is better to save money and to wait to straighten your teeth the right way with an orthodontists, but to do it right. Versus doing it the wrong way now with to it yourself programs and potentially creating even more problems long term.

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Your Smile

Congratulations  on the decision  to improve  your smile! My understanding is that  SmileCareClub offers a complementary Smile Assessment from their website.

Their product  collaborates with local  Orthodontists in your area to treatment  plan your case using,  for many cases, only tele-dentistry.

 This product is best for mild to moderate  cases. 

Kathryn Amanda Wilson, DDS
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