I'm a 73 year old male considering a full set of upper and lower dental implants.

I was informed several years ago that, because of upper jaw bone loss, that I would need a sinus implant to hold the teeth implants in place. Does this still apply, or depend on bone left in the upper jaw? All my teeth were extracted a little over a year ago. Is the 'all in one' method as dependable and reliable than other current methods, and what should I expect to pay seeing I do not need more extraction?

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Snapindentures, or all on4, by nobelbiocare.

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yes, you have solution with any of this both options, the difference will be the amount of bone, and also if you want them to be fixed retained, or removable, this will make you have good layout of your smile, and also have great support, in 90% of the cases, this 2 solutions always work perfectly,with complete x ray and smile analysis, you can have the solution,SNAPINDENTURES, also is the must affordable one.

Planning for implant supported dentures

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Chances are that your level of bone has decreased over the last several years.  A dental specialist, such as a prosthodontist, is very familiar with working with situations like yours.  He or she will work with an oral surgeon or a periodontist in treatment planning your case, using 3-D imaging to evaluate your bone and where to place the implants.  There are  many factors involved in the cost of a full mouth rehabilitation, and I have seen a wide range of fees for these services.  One of the most important things to consider, however, is the skill and experience level of your dental team.  Good luck!

Ramon Peleaux, DDS, MD
Charlotte Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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Implant Supported Denture

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This sounds like a complex case that should be performed by a good team including a periodontist and restorative dentist.  You would need to have  some 3D CT scans of your jaw to see the density of bone.  This will help determine what the final treatment time and cost will be.  This is a case that cannot be quoted accurately without this information.  Plan this out correctly with very qualified dentists and you should get a great result when completed.  Good luck.  

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