When would I be able to get a Tummy tuck with weight loss? (photos)

Hello. I am in the process of working on losing a large amount of weight. I am currently 267lbs and started off at 289 2 and a half weeks ago. I have had two pregnancies, one of which was a twin pregnancy. I know I will need a tummy tuck after my weightloss because I already seem to have loose skin. I was wondering how close to my goal weight I would have to be to get the procedure done? I am hoping to get down to about 165lbs.

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Weighting for tummy tuck

Congrats on your weight loss. Losing 100 lbs could take a year at a healthy pace. You will probably develop a lot of extra skin. Don't let that dissuade you. I would suggest waiting till you get down to under 200 lbs. Good luck.

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When would I be able to get a Tummy tuck with weight loss?

Congratulations on your weight loss thus far. Based on your photos I would recommend losing more weight. Your BMI should be under 35. This will decrease your surgical risks as well as improve your overall aesthetic result.


Martin Jugenburg, MD
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When to get a tummy tuck after significant weight loss

When you are within about 20 pounds of your goal weight, then a tummy tuck procedure would be a good ideal.  Being close to your goal weight will help prevent further laxity after the surgery from any additional weight loss.  It is likely that after the substantial weight that you plan to lose, you will need a circumferential tightening procedure such as a body lift rather than a just a tummy tuck.  Good luck.

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When would I be able to get a Tummy tuck with weight loss?

Thank you for your question.  Congrats on beginning your weight loss.  The tummy tuck procedure would be ideal when you've stabilized at your ideal body weight with a body mass index of less than 30.  This would improved your aesthetic result and decrease the risks of complications.  Be sure to consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.  Good luck!

Zachary Farris, MD, FACS
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When would I be able to get a Tummy tuck with weight loss?

Congratuatlons on the 22 pound weight loss already!  If your goal weight is approximately 165 pounds I would recommend you follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen until you reach your desired goal weight. This weight should be one where you are comfortable at, and can maintain, as weight fluctuations will affect your long-term results. Any weight loss before surgery will not only be in your best interest from a safety point of view, but also in obtaining the best cosmetic results. You should also aim to maintain this weight for a few weeks before surgery to make sure that your body is nutritionally prepared to heal itself after the procedure.  Hope that this helps.

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When would I be able to get a Tummy tuck with weight loss?

First congratulations on the weight loss.  Getting your weight down will be the most important step in improving both your health and appearance.  In most cases, surgeons would advise getting you weight down as close to your ideal body weight as possible.  That said, this is not always possible but it is known that patients who's BMI is below 30 have fewer complications from any surgery than those who are over a BMI of 30.   If you can get your weight down to 165 lbs. you should be an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck.  Best wishes, Dr. Lepore.

Vincent D. Lepore, MD
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Tummy Tuck - Weight loss first

Thank you for your question and photos. Congratulations on your weight loss journey. I believe it is best to be within 15 pounds of your ideal body weight prior to surgery for optimal results. Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in body contouring for an in-person examination. Ask to see a lot of before and after pictures of their work to understand what can be achieved. Hope this helps and good luck.

Steven J. Rottman, MD, FACS
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Tummy tuck after weight loss

An important question and congratulations on your weight loss! its always best to achieve a weight goal prior to proceeding with a body contouring procedure. If a significant amount of wight is lost after the procedure such a a tummy tuck, the skin can become loose again. There are times when people are unable to achieve their ideal goal but feel very satisfied with their bodies and wish to proceed. I recommend 3 months of stable weight and as close as possible to the ideal weigh goal. 

Best wishes,

Dr. Jan

Badar Jan, MD
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When would I be able to get a Tummy tuck with weight loss? No magic number...

Congratulations on having completed pregnancies and your weight loss thus far! Generally speaking, it is always best to achieve long-term stable weight prior to proceeding with body contouring surgery. Doing so, will increase the safety of the operation, will likely improve the outcome of the operation, and will decrease chances that additional surgery will become necessary subsequently.

In my practice, I do not ask specific patients to achieve a specific weight prior to proceeding with tummy tuck surgery. I simply ask patients to achieve a long-term stable weight where he/she feels comfortable and does not expect significant fluctuation postoperatively. As you know, recruiting other professionals such as personal trainers, nutritionists, physicians who specialize in weight loss concerns etc. may be helpful to you.

When the time is right, seeking consultation with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons will be your next/best step.  I hope this, and attached link/video, helps. Best wishes.

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