Tummy tuck or large volume lipo? (photos)

I had a pannus removed in 2011 due to a 147 lb weight loss (naturally) and was left with a huge stomach that mamakes me feel constantly sick. I've had many tests done and was told I have gallstones,ovarian cysts and a bad diastasis recti.. I'm a 42 yo grandma who looks 9 months pregnant.... I'm limited on exercise due to osteoarthritis and (OCD) of the knee... would a tummy tuck be enough to help? Thank you

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Tummy tuck candidate

Thank you for your question. It is hard to see in the photos you provided, but from the information and for what i can see, it looks like you are a good candidate for a full tummy tuck procedure which is a procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen and to restore the weakened abdominal wall, giving a firmer and smoother appearance. That said, you definitely have to choose your surgeon correctly and make sure that he/she has the training and experience to meet your goals with absolute safety. Best is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with specialized expertise in this procedure. 

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Tummy tuck or large volume lipo?

The photos are inadequate for any evaluation, we would need front and side views, not angled like these. But from your description it sounds like a true TT might be an option. You need to see a consultant for evaluation to get your answer. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Tummy Tuck vs Liposuction

  • You state that your pannus has been previously removed, but you are unhappy with your "huge stomach". Your pictures do not reveal your current situation, but it sounds like a combination of fat and separation of your abdominal muscles (diastasis recti). Liposuction can reduce the fat volume, but if you are after a 'smaller' abdomen, you will probably require tightening of the abdominal muscles, which is done with a tummy tuck.

Terry Zimmerman, MD
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Tummy tuck or large volume lipo?

Sounds like you would benefit more from a TT with mesh reinforcement than liposuction. Muscle plication in both the center and your sides will help "cinch" your waistline for a more appealing silhouette. The mesh will reinforce the muscle plication and provide added support as well as long term results. I've attached a link to explain the process better for you.
I hope this helps.
Best wishes,

Gary Horndeski M.D.

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TT or Lipo


Thank you for the question, the pictures are difficult to evaluate, I suggest better pictures, but for what I can appreciate maybe a Tummy Tuck will be a better option for you.

Best of luck

Disnalda Matos, MD
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