How long is Invisalign going to approximately take based on my teeth? (Photo)

I am currently looking into getting Invisalign but I am worried about the time Frame because I am an adult. The only real problem I have is my front tooth it's very crowded but other than that my bottom teeth are okay. What is the approximate time you think I will have to have Invisalign for? And is acceledent an option for me? Thanks

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Length depends on the experience of the clinician

You would be a neat Invisalign case!  I have successfully treated cases more complicated and crowded than yours in 14 months. With accelerated orthodontic techniques, I am able to get results even faster.The faster you start, the faster you will be done and have the smile you desire.Good Luck, and remember to select a dentist or orthodontist who is highly experienced in Invisalign.  You should review photos of cases they have done and ask questions regarding how long those cases took them to treat and how many refinements if any were needed. Douglas Jopling, DDSDallas, TX area

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