How long after a benelli lift will areola stretch?

I am almost a year post op benelli w/ implants. How long post op will my aerolas continue to dialate? How stretched can they get with perm sutures? I am very troubled by my results and fear that it will continue to get worse...

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Widening scars with circumareolar mastopexy

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Sorry for your situation, but that is the reason I rarely perform that procedure.  Even when using permanent purse string sutures this widening can occur. The sutures can break, migrate or just not work.  Although revision can be undertaken, sometimes the best option is to convert to a vertical pattern incision adding a vertical scar below the areola.  They usually heal better than you would think.   As to your question about the timing, one would think that at one year out that it wouldn't get much larger than what you have. Best of luck

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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Benelli lift and aereolar enlargement

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I am not a fan of Benelli lifts. There are time when it is appropriate, for example when the amount of lift is minimal. Sometimes a procedure call circumvertical is performed to avoid the horizontal scar. The problem with Benelli lift is widening of the aereola if the suture breaks or does not hold. In this case the aereola can become larger then the original size and revision may be required. Check with your surgeon to see if the purse string suture needs to be replace and a revision is required.

Shahriar Mabourakh, MD, FACS
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon
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