I am 2 wks post op after having Bbl done by Dr Ortega. I am losing too much fat in my buttocks and hips. (photo)

Dr. Ortega I think I am loosing alot of fat in my buttocks and hip area. What should I do? I am 2 weeks post op after having a BBL done by you and my abdominal area is kind of hard also. Last night I slept without my garment just to get a good night sleep. I think my father is gone out of my butt and definitely from my hips from the looks of things. I don't know what to do.

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Loosing a lot of volume 2 weeks after BBL?

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During first two weeks or so you loose a lot of volume because a lot of the volume is actually fluid/swelling .  This goes after 2-4 weeks leaving you with just the injected fat.  Then, over the next 3 months or so some of the fat that did not survive gets cleared out of your body.... So the initial huge butt is not the real final outcome.  You gotta wait.

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2 weeks post BBL

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Thank you for your question.  The feeling of hardness in your abdomen is normal.  In your buttocks, you may just be experiencing a decrease in swelling and the fat in your buttocks is not actually going away.  I am sure Dr. Ortega did a marvelous job and make sure you make an appointment to see him as soon as possible.  Best wishes in your recovery!

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