I'm concerned my incisions from my recent mastopexy look very odd? (Photos)

Less than one year ago I had a breast aug revision. This time I had a implants replaced, a double mastopexy, and stratus placed to help with the lift. My vertical incision has actually started to grow outwards (horizontally) and now I'm concerned that one even looks like it has a fluid filled bubble.

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I'm concerned my incisions from my recent mastopexy look very odd?

Without an in person evaluation, ti is hard to say what is going on. The scar tissue may have thinned and the breast tissue may be dropping down. Go back to your plastic surgeon for an evaluation. 

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Scar quality

From your photograph, it appears that the scar of the vertical closure has widened considerably. Two possibilities exist. If steroid injections were placed, this can thin the skin and given an appearance of what we see in the photograph. Likewise, if the skin had some difficulty in healing after the surgery, this poor skin quality may represent scar tissue. Either way, your plastic surgeon would best be able to evaluate the thickness and tension of this tissue and best advise you on whether a small revision of the vertical limb could ameliorate the situation. Best of luck.

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