Brazilian Butt Lift: Will Losing 20 Lbs Post-op Flatten/ Deform BBL? How Close to my Target Weight Must I Be for Best Results?

I'm 125lbs, 5'3, 34/30/36 (square/flat butt). Met w board-cert PS. Said I have enough fat in back/flanks/abdo for 500cc/side, but says will be tough cause I’m thin. I posed wt gain (which goes to my abdo/back/flanks). He agreed. If I gain 10lb preop (still near ideal body wt) & after 6 mos lose 20 (to 114lb, still near ideal wt), will the butt go flat again or become deformed? Or would fat loss become proportional (currently all wt LOSS is off my butt)? How close to target wt must I be preop?

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Weight loss after Brazilian Butt

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Brazilian Butt lift surgery is designed to contour the midsection and buttock.  The overall silhouette is maintained with fluctations in weight.  A twenty pound weight loss for you is 16% of your body weight.  That is a significant change, and you will likely lose a lot of your buttock projection.

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Weight Loss After Brazilian Butt Lift

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Hello. I recommend being as close to your target weight as possible before surgery. I never recommend weight gain going into a surgery, and excessive weight loss, defined as 20 lbs. or more, after a Brazilian butt lift could cause contour deformities or a lumpy appearance where fat was injected. Although you are thin, positive results can be achieved on people who weigh even less than 100 lbs. This all depends on the amount of removable fat deposits in your body. If you surgeon has already indicated that you have enough fat for the surgery, you will be better off going into surgery at your optimal weight. The link below can give you a better idea of the changes that can be made through this procedure, especially on thin patients.


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Weight Loss after Brazilian Buttlift?

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  I generally recommend maintaining weight after Brazilian buttlift.   Weight loss of 20 lbs for someone of your size may compromise the results. 

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