160 lbs weight loss approved for a Panni but, wanting to upgrade to a Tummy Tuck. Any suggestions?

My insurance approved me for an panniculectomy. What would be my out of pocket cost to have my surgeon to do a tummy tuck in conjunction with my planning?

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Panniculectomy and Tummy Tuck

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It is great  that your insurance has approved your panniculectomy! This procedure will definitely help reduce rashes and irritation on the pannus - "apron" crease area. If you would like to have a tummy tuck added the cost, the cost  will vary depending on the following things: 1) the additional time required to complete your tummy tuck and panniculectomy surgery 2) the amount of additional surgical work that must be done and whether your surgeon is in or out of network with your insurance carrier.  The average cost for a tummy tuck is  $8000 but a massive weight loss patient  usually requires additional muscle tightening and skin removal horizontally and sometimes vertically. I would also like you to understand that in the massive weight tummy tuck  result can be associated with more complications and thus the cost maybe higher.Try to ask your physician  to give you multiple surgical  tummy tuck options and prices.  Lastly, please check the excluded benefits in the contract of your insurance policy. Periodically, the insurance company approves a panniculectomy only to deny the procedure after the surgery because the procedure was an excluded benefit, If the procedure is not in the excluded benefit clause of your insurance contract ask that a copy of your insurance contract be mailed to you so that you can be sure that the insurance company holds up their responsible to pay for your procedure. Success to you on your plastic surgery journey!

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