Cleft Lip/Nose Revision Looks Worse After Surgery. Is This Normal? (photo)

My son who is 3 had his cleft lip/nose revision 3.5 weeks ago. It looks much worse than before the surgery. It's very uneaven and has a very strange shape to it. Not the mention the deviated septum is awful. The surgeon thinks it will "fall into place", which i understand but I dont think that will help the strange uneaven shape to the nostrils. Is this normal? What do I do?

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Still early

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Unfortunately, you're at the point after surgery when things will look their worst - scars are very contracted and "angry" looking, and nothing looks like it should.

Make sure you are following up with your surgeon frequently if you have questions or are concerned with the way things look; there is no substitute for an examination by and expert opinion of a board-certified craniofacial surgeon to help guide you through this time.

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Dr. Hall

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