How Can the Cleft in my Chin Be Removed?

I feel as though my chin appears too masculine and I want something done to achieve a more feminine and youthful appearance. After four consultations, two plastic surgeons recommended bone reduction, one suggested using a small chin implant (I have no idea why), and the fourth surgeon said it was a muscle separation and that she could reconnect the tissues. Would I need a chin reduction and/or soft tissue surgery?

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You may consider posting a profile photo to get advice about chin reduction surgery.

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I read your concerns and reviewed the photos you posted. Your profile is missing, and that's the view that will show the most change after a chin reduction procedure. In my view, your chin does not appear masculine on your front view. You have a prominent "pre-jowl sulcus" (indentation) on both sides of your chin. If this is bothering you, you may be a candidate for an Injectable Filler procedure to smooth the transition between your chin and jowl, and straighten your jawline.

I hope this is helpful for you.

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