What is wrong with my nose job? (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty / septoplasty in 2012. My nose was straight, just wanted the hump removed. My surgeon said he would not do the rhinoplasty without doing a septoplasty. Immediately post-op my nose looked like this. Clearly crooked and it feels "separated" at the bridge on the side it is curving towards. Surgeon insisted my nose is not crooked and he "couldn't see what I was talking about". Really would like some honest answers please!!!

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What is wrong with my nose job?

The best answer is going to come from a rhinoplasty surgeon who is able to examine you in-person and review the operative report from your first surgery. 
I agree that the frontal view of your nose leaves much to be desired, and there remains a small dorsal hump on profile. Do yourself a favor and schedule a couple of consultations with surgeons who are experienced in revision rhinoplasty, some examples of which you can see on both my profile page and website. Discuss with those surgeons your concerns and get their fully-informed recommendations on whether a revision surgery could achieve your goals. I feel that it could based on your photos. Best wishes!  Harry V. Wright MD, Sarasota, Florida

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What is wrong with my nose job?

You need to see someone else. A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with years of experience doing Rhinoplasty. All is not lost. In the  proper hands- you can achieve a better nose which hopefully will  suit your needs. Without a physical exam- it's difficult to comment accurately, however- from what you describe- it appears the hump was removed but the bones not repositioned properly or at all...

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Why is my nose crooked?

Thanks for the question.  Your nose does appear to be somewhat uneven, with a degree of indentation on the left side of the nose.  I don't know how your nose appeared in the beginning before your nasal surgery.  I want you to know that nasal surgery can be very difficult and unpredictable.  I would always advice you to follow up with your Plastic Surgeon.  A second opinion can always be performed. If you desire.
Good luck to you.
Frank Rieger M.D.  Tampa  Plastic Surgeon

Need a revision!

Looks like the left nasal bone and upper lateral cartilage is displaced laterally causing the deformity.  You would need a revision with lateral osteotomies (re-breaking) and further removal of the dorsal hump.  Good luck.

Jeffrey Marvel, MD
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