Lopsided since day 1. Am I going to need a revision? (Photo)

Ok so I'm 4 weeks PO and a couple days ago I started wearing a tension band. My PS is not worried at all but I'm in the early stages of panic. I have 475cc HP under muscle. My leftie is perfect in my eyes so is my right going to catch up? I'm not a patient person. I'd rather get a revision now, instead of waiting 5 months hoping for the best. I don't know what to do at this point, and my PS says to relax and the pocket is not too small. I understand healing time but this is a bit extreme

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Assymetry post aug

the left looks good but the right is riding high and the question is why.Is there a fluid collection.there is no harm in waiting but it probably won't settle enough.

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Lopsided since day 1. Am I going to need a revision?

Easy response is YES! But you need second in person opinions to determine exactly the issues..........

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Asymmetry 4 weeks post op after breast augmentation

At 4 weeks post op, it is still too early to know your final outcome.  It sounds like your plastic surgeon is addressing the higher implant by placing you in the band. Follow your plastic surgeons instructions closely, as you are still in the window of time that you could affect some change in the pocket by using the band and manually pushing the implant down if instructed to do so by your plastic surgeon.  It is very common to wait 4-6 months to perform the revision if necessary to give your breasts time to settle and allow the scar tissue to soften.

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Am I going to need a revision?

When you see some asymmetry soon after surgery it can be very concerning to you. You appear to have more superior pole fullness on your right breast. This can be from an acute implant shift. I suspect that is what your PS is concerned about since you are wearing a band now. If your PS is agreeable, doing some superior pole massage downward may be beneficial. Regardless, I would give things some time to settle. Going in for more surgery at this time frame may not be needed and could be risky at this stage of healing. It is best to wait.

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It is not at all unusual to have visible differences in position of the breast implants after several weeks.  Using the breast strap and closely following your Plastic Surgeon's guidance are the most important issues presently.  If the breast asymmetry does not improve I would wait at least 3 months for additional settling and maturing of the scar tissue surrounding the implants (capsule).


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