Can my chest be revised to look more male? (Photo)

I'm older 63my back is in bad shape I can't expertise to loose wt..I'm not happy with my chest.

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Can Your Chest be Revised to be More Masculine

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Top Surgery is the #reduction and masculinization of the breasts and chest for a person who wants a more #masculine chest.  This is often an individual who desires #gender reassignment. Breast tissue is #removed and the #nipple position is usually made smaller and then placed in a more masculine #anatomic #position.  Top surgery allows for a more #comfortable chest with improved psychosocial benefits. Clothing fits better, physical activity may be easier. The chest can also be made more masculine with fat #grafting or #implants to provide a more muscular and #sculpted #appearance.  Being each person varies, it’s important to be realistic about your goals and what is achievable. It's best to consult with your board-certified plastic surgeon about your concerns and to confirm if a revision is in your best interests.

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Chest revision

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Revisions after surgery can always be a consideration, depending on your particular aesthetic goals. 

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More masculine breasts

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You can have notable improvement just with some revisional skin surgery. Much more straightforward than your first breast surgery.

How to increase masculine features of the chest.

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  1. The hanging skin can be trimmed to improve contour of the sides of the chest.
  2. The pectoral muscles can be enlarged with micro fat grafts, or you can opt for pectoral silicone implants.
  3. You can build muscle and lose fat by exercising and losing weight.

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