Clear Wrap Caused More Veins?

Two weeks ago, my friend, who is a dancer, recommended that before I go bike-riding, I wrap my thighs in clear wrap to sweat more. But I think it affected my legs and veins; right after, my veins crawled up higher on my thighs and a new appeared on my "good" leg. It also hurts a lot. Is that possible? Any advice for vein treatment?

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New onset telangiectasias of the thighs

If you are developing more pronounced telangiectasias on your thighs, you should get a venous Doppler exam to determine if you have venous insufficiency. This should be done at a vein clinic supervised by a certified vein specialist and an accredited vascular lab. 

Read the ebook about venous insufficiency on the link below. 

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Varicose Veins after tight wrap on legs

This is a good question and one that needs to be addressed in person by a vein specialist.  I would be most concerned if you developed a Deep Vein Clot secondary to the tight wrap on your leg.  This is not a common situation in what you have described but it is possible.  Please get some medical advice and a proper assessment to determine what has happened.

Keep us posted!

Thanks and good luck.

Craig Crippen, MD
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