Why Do I See Clear Sutures at Edges of Both Eyes After Sutures Removed?

Had bilateral blepharplasty. I have a clear suture at the edge of both eyes that I noted on the day after my sutures were removed. Are both types of sutures used at times?

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Eyelid Surgery

This is a question for your surgeon.  Some permanent sutures are clear, and some absorbable ones are as well.  Ask for more information from your surgeon.

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Eyelid surgery

Sometimes 2 types of sutures are used.  Both can be absorbing and some are deeper with only the ends sticking out.  Ask your surgeon and I am sure he/she will clarify their purpose and trim the ends if needed.  I hope this info helps.

Ronald H. Stefani Jr, MD
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It is unlikely that your surgeon used clear sutures.

Blepharoplasty sutures need to be removed.  There is clear suture material.  However, generally the surgeon is planning on removing these sutures.  For this reason, clear sutures are not used because they make it much harder to remove from the eyelid.  There are sutures that become translucent as they dissolve in place.  It is much more likely that the doctor simply missed these sutures, which can happen,  felt the sutures left where well on their way to dissolving, or they simply missed them.  Of course it is also possible that what you think is a suture is not.  What ever is correct, please call your surgeon and let them know that you are concerned that suture was left in the eyelid.  They can then make a decision with you regarding what to do about this.

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Clear upper eyelid sutures are most likely dissolvable

The clear sutures that you are seeing are most likel dissolvable sutures that are placed in the deeper tissues during the closure.  There's no need to take these out as they will dissolve on their own.  If they bother you, go back to the surgeon that did your eyelid surgery and ask to have them trimmed.

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Sutures and Blepharoplasty

It is common to use clear fast absorbing sutures that do get absorbed over time. Sometimes a clear permanent suture could be used to anchor the lateral part of the incision and those will need to be removed. Talk to your surgeon to find out if they need to be removed. 

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Sutures after eyelid surgery

It is possible your surgeon used more than one type of suture in performing your eyelid surgery.  The clear suture your are seeing may or may not be absorbable.  Check back with your surgeon to see if he/she believes it needs to be removed.

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