I Am Not Clear on What Needs to Be Done to Correct the Brown Spots?

I also developed brown crescent shaped spots on my cheeks and on the inside corners of my eyes. My eyes also have deep redness under them. It has been five weeks after laser resurfacing and a deep plane facelift. I am unclear what conditioning needs to be done and would I go back to my plastic surgeon or do I now have another problem and have to go thru another procedure? I am very dismayed over this and not matter what all say, makeup is not an option. Thank you.

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Not Clear on What Needs to Be Done to Correct the Brown Spots?

its difficult to answer your questions without knowing the following:

1. What kind of laser was used e.g CO2 or erbium,.

2. Was the laser fractional or not

3. Was the treatment ablative or not.

4. What kind of aftercare was used

5. What is your current regiment

Pictures will be helpful.

Regardless, all you are describing is related to your laser procedure and the best approach is to address all this issues with the surgeon who did the procedure. I hope he is board certified plastic surgeon. If he was not, you should seek expert hep.


Good Luck

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