How Do I Clear Up This Horrible Rosacea?

Ive had rosace since I was ten and Im 20 now. I've been treating it with metrocream and minocycline for three years, and zenmed products for one year. I recently started getting IPL laser treatments and I've had three in between feb-aug 2013. Is there any way to clear up the redness permanently so that I have a clear complexion or am I completely screwed. How many IPL treatments should k get?, because I know 5 isn't going to cut it. Taking any and all helpful advice. thanks people

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How to Clear Up Rosacea?

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Thank you for your question. It seems as though this will not go away any time soon on its own until you get it under have options. It is likely a genetic related condition that is possibly triggered by things in your lifestyle such as heat, cold, alcohol, and some spicy foods, some citrus, etc. Find the Rosacea website, and identify the things which make yours worse. Then avoid them, and engage in treatments like you are doing now. IPL is great, but I also like to incorporate the V-Beam in the treatment regimen so you can get both IPL and VBeam treatments and this seems to reduce the redness to the level of perhaps only needing a treatment every 6-8 months. I have several patients who only come in every 6-12 months, just for a touch-up and make sure the vessels are staying away. It can be managed very well, but requires a little discipline on your part. It is likely a genetic problem triggered by things in your lifestyle. Identify your triggers and you should make good progress so you can reduce your treatments to 1-2 a year to manage the condition. Rosacea websites are very helpful in identifying the triggers. I hope this helps.

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How Do I Clear Up This Horrible Rosacea?

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Rosacea is very difficult to control. Certain foods can create a flare up like spicy foods, dairy, red wine, or direct heat like sauna or steam rooms. I suggest seeing a professional medical provider to control the redness. My patients love using Eau Thermal Avene products to help prevent any flare ups

Hope this helps

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Rosacea Treatment

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The redness associated with Rosacea is caused by a network of small dilated capillaries just under the surface of the skin. These capillaries can be targeted with IPL or with a vascular laser, such as the Candela V-Beam. This requires expertise, so you should be seeing a Dermatologist who specializes in Lasers. I prefer the V-Beam, as I think it targets these fine capillaries more precisely. Typically 3 treatments will give greater than 75% improvement, but this is a chronic condition and therefore tends to regress gradually. Maintenance treatments at 6–12 month intervals will usually keep it controlled. The acne component responds to general acne treatments (both topical and oral).

Richard Fitzpatrick, MD (in memoriam)
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Rosacea and treatment

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With any medical condition, I recommend follow up with a medical provider. Rosacea is a chronic medical condition that can benefit from certain types of treatments but will likely not ever fully go away. The spider vein telangiectasias can benefit from laser if you a good candidate, and often IPL can minimize erythema. But lifestyle changes and other meds (oral and/or topical) may still be necessary. I recommend you continue to follow up with your provider and do what they feel is best for your current state of Rosacea.

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