How Much Does Clear Correct Cost?

What is the cost of Clear Correct? Are prices the same no matter which dentist or orthodontist you go to?

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Price typically depends on the severity of case

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The term "Clear aligner treatment" (Invisalign, Clear Correct, Ecligner, MTM.........)  can be correction of a minor space between two teeth and it could be used for correcting a severe misalignment with teeth going in all different directions and gaps and crowding between each tooth.
Therefore, the price depends on the case in hand.  Average full alignment correction will cost between $4000-$8000.  
Some offices charge for different stages of treatment - for example some will charge for corrections or refinements to the treatment plan.  Most, do not and charge one fee that includes the entire treatment (excluding retainers).
Minor Cases can be as low as $2500
The average cost of long term retainers to be used after treatment is around $900 - $1500

Cost of Clear Correct

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Typically prices are based on experience, training, amount it cost to deliver treatment (overhead).  In Austin a simple clear correct case can range from $2500-$3500 while extensive cases range from $4500 -$6000.

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John Schmid DDS LVIF

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