Invisible Braces for Correcting my Overbite and Crowded Teeth?

I have overcrowded teeth (both top and bottom) and overbite. Will lingual braces (invisible braces) fix the overbite? Will there be teeth needed to be removed? Also do lingual braces work by pushing the teeth outwards or inwards like normal braces?

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Yes, this can be corrected with lingual braces

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Yes, lingual braces can correct the overbite. I do not have any records to give you a proper diagnosis and treatment plan, but overbites are usually a result of underlying skeletal issues. Normally, the lower jaw is setback in relation to the upper jaw. This problem in a non-growing patient usually requires orthodontics and surgically advancing the lower jaw. There have been great advances in this procedure today and is normally performed in conjunction with your orthodontic treatment by an oral surgeon.

As far as teeth needing to be removed really depends on the amount of crowding. If not to severe, expansion with orthodontics alone can usually eliminate this problem. And for you last question, linguals work exactly the same way as traditional braces. In order to eliminate crowding you expand teeth outwards regardless of whether braces are on the inside or outside.

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