Do Clear Adult Braces Work As Well As Traditional Metal Ones on Adults?

Are invisalign braces the only brand of clear braces? Are they really only intended for adults that have had braces in their youth and need some refinement?

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Clear Braces vs Metal Braces

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Clear braces, for the most part, work as well as the metal braces. There can be a few shortcomings with the clear braces. Some of the clear tend to "debond" more easily from the tooth, which can prolong treatment. They also are more costly so there maybe an additional charge depending on your insurance plan.

Some believe there is more friction with the clear brackets which can slow tooth movement, however clinically I have never noticed a difference and feel if it will make you feel better on a daily basis clear should be your choice.

Clear brakets are the least noticable and often i photograph they don't show up at all.


Hope this helps

Chesterfield Orthodontist

Invisalign is not the only clear aligner

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There are now many types of clear aligners available on the market.  Invisalign is probably the best known.  It is also involved with a great deal of research and development and they are continually updating and refining the technology so that the tooth movements are more precise and predictable.

Invisalign is a great way to retreat orthodontic cases that have relapsed.  That is not the only indication for Invisalign.  Invisalign was initially developed for adults who wanted straighter teeth but did not want to wear braces.  It can now be used for teen agers as well.  Because of new developments, the scope of Invisalign treatment is constantly expanding.  It can do most of the things that traditional braces can do.  There are still some types of tooth movements that are better handled with braces.  Your dentist or orthodontist will be able to tell you if you are a candidate for Invisalign treatment.

Martin Frankel, DDS
Toronto Dentist

Clear braces vs metal braces on adults

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I think the very most efficient tooth movers we have are the very low friction self ligating type metal braces especially like the Damon bracket that I currently use. When combined with the new "super elastic" (copper, nickel, titanium alloy) wires that we have now, I have never been able to move teeth faster with lower forces than what  I can do now.  It has been absolutely revolutionary in terms of our ability to acomplish things that were often difficult or impossible before.   I have been an orthodontist for almost 40 years and was one of the first to use "clear" braces at the very beginning of my career.  They had some limitations back then because the plastic material they were made of was  too soft.  That was improved upon by going to tooth colored or translucent ceramic materials but  their coefficient of friction (drag) was higher and they didn't slide as well when you needed to slide them on the wire as when closing spaces.  I am now using some of the new Damon Clear braces and am hoping they will be able to help remedy the sliding problem we have had with other clear brackets.   So far as being an adult, if you want clear just ask for it and get an explination from your orthodontist of any possible differences.  If you want the very fastest tooth mover I would still go with low friction self ligating metal braces using "superelastic" wires to supply the tooth moving forces.  When you use clear "aligners" instead of clear "brackets" or "braces" you are trying to use the plastic aligner material as a "spring" to supply the tooth moving force and I think the "superelastic" alloy wire  used as a "spring" is going to be more lot more efficient tooth mover.  A single "superelastic" wire can deflect and return far enough to move a tooth many times as far as a single aligner regardless of what brand it is. 

Clark L. Jones, DDS, MSD
Phoenix Orthodontist

Invisalign (clear braces) versus metal braces for adults

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This is a bit of a loaded question as it really depends on the type of malocclusion (fancy word for the degree and type of misalignment of your teeth), and upon your treating doctor as some practitioners, even orthodontists, may feel more comfortable treating you with traditional braces.

For some malocclusions, Invisalign works as well, if not better, than braces. However, for other types of malocclusions AND tooth movements (ie severe rotations and extrusion of teeth), Invisalign does not work as well as braces.

Our practice has treated very severe malocclusions with Invisalign, yet at the same time, we have talked patients out of Invisaliign if we believe it is not in their best interest. Find an experienced practitioner to discuss your options with.

Mazyar Moshiri, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

Invisalign works as well as tradional metal ones on adults

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Two answer your questions

1) Invisalign is not the only brand of clear, it is the best know brand.  But clear correct is another one.  Here are some other names you may see


Clarity Braces - by 3M Unitek
Inspire Ice Braces - by Ormco
Invu Braces - by TP Orthodontics
Luxi Braces - by Rocky Mountain Orthodontics
Mystique Braces - by GAC International
Pure Braces - by Ortho Technology
Radiance Braces - by American Orthodontics


2) Clear braces for adults are not only intended for those who had braces and need some refinement.  I have plently of patient who had never worn braces and want to improve their appearance. 


Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Invisalign braces for adult orthodontics.

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There are now several companies offering "clear braces", invisalign has been providing the technology the longest and in my opinion are the leaders in this arena. The invisalign aligners in the right hands can be used to correct a variety of issues for both adults and teens. Whether relapse of earlier orthodontics or as a first time orthodontic patient in experienced hands amazing results are possible. It's all really in the hands of the doctor you choose and his/her experience.

Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

Clear Braces Work Just As Well As Metal Ones

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Brackets are just "handles" on the teeth to which orthodontic wires can be attached. The teeth do not care what they are made of or what color they are. The main people affected by which brackets you have are the orthodontist and his assistants. Metal braces are smaller and easier to work on (they have bigger undercuts). If you like the look of clear braces better, don't worry that they won't get your teeth as straight by the end of your treatment. As for alternatives to clear brackets, Invisalign aligners and lingual braces (braces on the inside) are less visible other options. Ask your orthodontist to explain the pro's and con's of each system.

Greg Jorgensen, DMD, MS
Albuquerque Orthodontist

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