Cleansers to Use During Fraxel RE:PAIR Treatment.

I am on day 5 after having fraxel Re:Pair and my dr. told me to use a cleanser by eucerin. I cannot find it can anyone give me a good alternative to this one. Also, my skin is so itchy and painful, I have been taking benedryl nonstop. Is this normal or do I have an infection?

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Cleanser to use after Fraxel repair

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Hi--I don't have patients use a cleanser until they have completely peeled and that is usually one week or so. After that, I recommend the Skin Medica Sensitive Skin Cleanser. You may be having an allergic or irritant reaction to the topical products that you are using. Infection is a possibility. Have you gone back to see your treating doctor and what is their Board certification in? Take care.

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