Cleaning my Nose After 2 Months?

I had surgery about 2 months ago (spreader graft and moved the tip back.) I don't like blowing my nose, so I usually just dab the inside of my nose with a tissue. I also wash the sides of my nose about twice a day. Sometimes I feel a bit of pain, kind of like a nerve or muscle strain kind of pain, if I wash my face or use the tissue to clean out my nose for too long. Is this normal? I will see my doctor next week, but I just wanted to make sure that it isn't unusual. I love the results so far.

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Cleaning the nose.

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 At this point there should be no problem with you blowing your nose. Repetitive irritation of the lining of the nose by using a dabbing tissue inside the nostril can lead to irritation. It is normal to have some sensitivity at this point. I do not believe that there is anything wrong with your surgery.

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