How to Clean the Nose After a Nose Job?

I've had a tipplasty about two weeks ago and my question is how should I clean my nose? It feels extremely dry and I have the urgency to pick my nose.

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Nasal Hygeine & Washing after Rhinoplasty

Your rhinoplasty surgeon typically reviews the post-surgical management prior to surgery. Being familiar with care instructions early, so that your recovery can proceed smoothly.

Generally, patients are not allowed to manipulate or pick the nose. Rhinoplasty patients are asked to rinse the nasal passages with saline spray, followed by muporicin ointment at least twice daily. Nose blowing is not allowed. Most sutures inside the nose are absorable, but some may be removed about one week after nose job surgery.

Follow the directions of your plastic surgeon.

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How to clean the nose after a nose job.

I would first consult with your surgeon prior to manipulating your nose because it could disrupt critical stitches but I recommend keeping the nose moist with nasal saline spray and gently apply petrolatum jelly to suture line. The stitches are absorbable and when they dissolve the scabs will disappear with them. Occasionally, dried blood is easily dislodged with gentle application of hydrogen peroxide soaked cotton applicator swabs. Also, the crusts or nasal stuffiness can become loosened by breathing in steam in a hot shower.

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Cleaning the nose after rhinoplasty

When you have an operation on the nose, there are usually incisions made either on the outside skin or inside the nostrils. It is not uncommons to have an itchy feeling after the surgery. You should not be picking at your nose as this may disrupt the sutures. It is advisable for you to contact your surgeon and find out specifically where your suture are and what is safe for cleaning the area.

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Nasal Cleaning after Rhinoplasty

Do not pick your nose. Saline nasal sprays, ointment gently placed with a q-tip, or a humidifier may be helpful. Follow your surgeon's recommendations.

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