Why what reasons would there be for a surgeon to not take off more fat/skin? (photos)

I'm 5'3 230 lbs & I don't plan on losing much more weight. I've lost 60 lbs. I now feel like I need the same procedure again because not enough was taken off. I know there's slight swelling, but not enough for my gut & love handles to go down to a satisfactory amount. I have no medical issues. I'm disappointed-is this normal? What options do you give patients if dissatisfied?

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Tissue left after tummy tuxk.

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Looks like you may need lipo as well to solve some of your issues. Doing a great deal of lipo at the time of tummy tuck can lead to complications.

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Too early

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 I'm assuming from the drains and the look of the bellybutton that a full abdominoplasty was done. At only 12 days after surgery, it is far too early to judge anything about the result especially if a fair amount of liposuction was done as well. The tissue that has been lifted up doesn't drain very well because the arteries and veins that were present before are no longer present. It will take many months before the thickness of the abdominal skin returns to normal. Be patient and follow your plastic surgeon's instructions. Good luck. 

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Why what reasons would there be for a surgeon to not take off more fat/skin?

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Options: revision after 3 months, seek another surgeon, lose more weight. Sorry for your unhappiness

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