Open wound after breast lift and implants. (photos)

I had a breast lift w/ implants done 23 days ago. I have an open area under my boob it started small but now it seems like it has gotten deaper and I have a small open are on my other boob as well. I have been sending pics to my dr since I am not close to my PS. I have been told to wash with soap and water and soak it with alcohol twice a day. It drains yellowish/blood and has an odor. I have explain it all to my PS. How do I need to take care of this and should I be on antibiotics?

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Open wounds with implants must be seen by your surgeon

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You have one maybe two open wounds with breast implants underneath. You must be seen by your surgeon or have him arrange another surgeon in your area to look at you. This will probably be fine but it is going to take close care by a surgeon. Not to follow up with your surgeon will ultimately put your implants at risk.   
Please contact your surgeon and arrange follow up with him or have him contact a plastics surgeon in your area to see you for him.  

Open wound after a breast lift with implants

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Thank you for your photo and question. I'm sorry you're having trouble. Based on your photos, it appears that you have areas of skin loss and underlying necrosis. It is difficult to ascertain whether this is superficial or travels deeper. Given that you have an underlying implant, this can increase the risk of infection of the implant. I think that you should be seen by your plastic surgeon ASAP to evaluate and hopefully avoid any significant problems. If this is superficial, the wound will likely heal without incident, although it may take some time to do so. Best regards.

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