What's needed during revision? I have 650cc's of saline under the muscle. (Photo)

My surgeon is willing to perform a revision at no cost but I am concerned. He says my left breast just needs more fluid. I feel as if I have a pocket problem because it feels tight and so much different than the right. I also have pain but no CC. This is my third augmentation.I am waiting to get a second opinion from another surgeon but really do not want to pay if I don't have to. Opinions please. I've had nothing but problems from this left breast.

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No revision based on the pictures

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Your left breast is smaller and putting more saline will make it bigger but will lift your let side and cause more shape asymmetry. Your before picture would be helpful.

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Breast revision

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Thank you for your question.  Revision breast surgery can be relatively complex in that there may be more than one issue creating asymmetry or irregularities.  Adding saline to an implant will only make the breast larger.  It will not correct a difference in shape, breast fold location, or otherwise.  

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