I Just Got Braces and Had 4 Extractions but Already Don't Like It- Can It Be Reversed?

I just got braces a couple months ago and had four extractions to deal with worsening mild overbite and lower crowding. The problem is I had a very full smile before and have full lips and feel like already it is making my face look more hollow and older and that it is narrowing my smile unpleasantly ( I have a wide smile- which was full of teeth before but now not so full) I am wondering what I can do at this point? I still have the gaps from the extractions...

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Four Extractions and Braces...I Don't Like It!

Everything you are describing is consistent with four bicuspid extraction orthodontics: narrowing of the arches that create dark spaces in the corners of the mouth, smaller lips, longer nose, inadequate chin, overly retracted teeth resulting in compromised teeth show. The worst part of this treatment is the possible adverse affects on the TMJ. STOP the treatment immediately and consult with multiple doctors who understand the adverse affects of bicuspid extraction therapy. Extracting bicuspids is the easy way to solve your crowding problem but is old fashioned orthodontics that causes a myriad of other problems.

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