Implant moved. Any suggestions?

I posted up a question a couple days ago about my implant moving for the second time I'm sorry I should have said what they were...yes they are tear drop under the muscle two yrs ago I had round they were fine just to big so I went smaller and different shape for a more natural look but looks like I need to go back to round Thank you for ur help
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Implant moving

I am sorry that you are experiencing an issue with your implant moving. It sounds as if you are already on top of this, but obviously, you need to be assessed in person by your surgeon. Best, Dr. Nazarian

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Tear-dropped implant moving after breast augmentation

Thanks for your post.  I didn't see your previous question so I might be missing some of the context.  I also don't have a photo for reference to give an opinion on implant rotation.  That said, I would advise you to start with an examination by your surgeon to see if he/she agrees with your assessment.

Rotation of a shaped implant is very rare in primary augmentations.  However, conceptually it would be more common on revision surgery since, unless a brand new pocket was created (say for example, switching from above the muscle to below the muscle), there is less pocket control to house the shaped implant. Without precise pocket control for a shaped implant, some movement may be more possible.  Imagine placing a size 6 foot in a size 8 shoe. 

Should your surgeon agree that rotation has occurred and revision is necessary, I might suggest using a round textured implant in lieu of a smooth round implant, especially given it would be a 3rd revision surgery.  Textured implants have less movement associated with them and are argued to have less rates of capsular contracture.  Hope this is helpful!  Good luck

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Moving implant

If the teardrop implant is rotated, and that's what you mean by moved, then I would recommend that you go back to around implant as well. Sometimes, when you try and place a teardrop implant in a pocket that's larger than you would have made  if it was done that way the first time, it may be difficult to make that pocket smaller to prevent rotation of the shaped implant. The round implant would not have that problem. Good luck.

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Implant malposition recurrence.

When your implants move again, you have an implant malposition recurrence. The standard treatment for that is to use an acellular dermal graft (a soft tissue patch) in order to support the implant in the desired position. That operation is, unfortunately, expensive and is not considered a "revision" that your surgeon would do for no surgeons fee.

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