Reverse Asian Eyelid Surgery and Recreate Monolid?

Clarifying - I chose a wrong procedure undergoing double asian eyelid surgery. I wanted to keep my monolid, but simply wing out my lid and get a lift on the sides. My goal is to re-create my mono-lid. I may need to defold the double lid that was created, because it is pulling my eyes too far open, too big. (Probably through weakening link to elevator muscle, correct?) Furthermore, I need a skin graft and fat injections to create my monolid. Please tell me if this is possible and met with success?

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Reversing an asian eyelid surgery

Unfortunately you cannot reverse the surgery that you had done. The reason is simple.  Skin has been removed and to replace it would require a skin graft and this would look dreadful.  Also, the levator muscle has been attached to  your skin and releasing it  would require the possibility of injuring your levator muscle.  I would suggest that  you do nothing.. Do not do fat injections in your case since there is scar tissue and it would require force to  put fat in your upper orbit.

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What you are describing is impossible.

Dear Pleasehelpme

You need to see an eyelid specialist who devotes a large part of their practice to addressing unsatisfactory eyelid surgery and who has experience with anchor blepharoplasty.  Generally it is essentially impossible to lower a crease or recreated a fold.  There are circumstances such as when there is upper eyelid ptosis, it is possible to significantly improve a situation by correcting the ptosis and performing a very small anchor blepharoplasty.  However, restoring a fold, or removing the crease cannot be done in a satisfactory and predictable way.  Putting a skin graft into an upper eyelid never looks right and is only done as a last resort.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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