Which technique hair restoration procedure is best for me and my hair? (photo)

I am considering a hair transplant to fill the receding hairline on either side of my forehead, as well as lowering my forehead line in front. Since my hair is long, I wondered if there was an advantage for me to getting FUE vs FUT? For obvious cost reasons, I like the idea of FUT, but I want what will give me the best long term results. Thank you for your time.

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Really the quality of your results depends more on your doctor than on which of the two procedures you decide to go with. As long as you pick someone who gets good results you should be fine. Note that FUE requires you to shave your head but it does heal quicker, while FUT is cheaper but leaves a larger scar on the back of your head.

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The two types of hair transplant has more to do with harvesting the hair rather than results.

The two types of hair transplant has more to do with harvesting the hair rather than results.  FUE technique requires a shaved donor area.  This may be a factor for men and women who don't want to shave their head.

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Fill the receding hairline

I advise you to have a FUE operation of 2000 grafts  (I mean approx. 3000-4000 hair shaft ). I determine frontal hair line and debade with patient to decide level of new hairline. We have to shave the donor area partially, not totally, (you may continue to your normal life ) otherwise doc can not harvest the grafts one by one in FUE . . 

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It really doesn't matter

Either procedure, done by a good surgeon, will give you the same result.  In my area, FUT and FUE cost about the same, so the benefit of FUE is an easier recover with no big scar.  Good luck!

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Hairline lowering which harvesting technique is better?

if you choose an experienced hair restoration surgeon, FUT can be the best option. With trichophytic closure technique after healing the is minimal scar line and you don't need to shave the donor area. 

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Best procedures

A Hairline lowering hair transplant with FUT is the best way to manage your receding hairline. An FUE would require you to shave the back of your head. We have open house events once a month and at these events my wife, who has long hair and had her hairline lowered, usually comes.  As you are in the LA area, consider coming to this open house, the next one will be Saturday, October 15 from 11-2pm. What you see is what you will get. 

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