Do I have stage 3 CC?

8yr postsurgery.Saline under muscle.4.5yrs ago went to PS for check-up(in country I got them done in;where I'm from).Had noticed right implant moved+had pain in breast in past (went away after awhile).PS said I had Stage 2 CC.Recently I've lost weight+noticed I can feel tiny bit of implant (top right breast);feels like water.No idea if its new/been like this for awhile.Also been gettin some pain on/off in breast few days.Could I have Stage 3 CC?To me breast feels soft +moves when bounce up+down.

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Breast Implant Capsular Contracture

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Thanks for your question. The "staging" for capsular contracture is not a very strict grading, and it doesn't really mean much if you have stage 2 vs stage 3. It is only useful as a guide, so if you don't have any major concerns, you don't need to worry or have surgery. If you are getting pain and distortion, however, then maybe you do. You should see a local plastic surgeon for an examination and advice, with a referral from your GP.

Regards, Dr Steve Merten, Sydney 

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