Not worry or worry. Infection or healing? (photos)

I'm now 4 wks po TT. 1 wk back didnt like area under incision below belly button so I saw my PS. Gave me antibiotics told me to keep clean and change gauze truce a day. But I feel like it hasn't changed either way. I'm barely up and around. When I am it drains and the area above incision swells terribly causing pressure. No fever. Unusual redness or heat noticed.

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but slowly due to compromised tissue and the wound separation.  Good wound care and being on the lookout for possible infection is what you should be doing and also keeping in touch with your surgeon as you have been.  Focus on healing and when you are photo ready, you can critique your results with your surgeon.

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Not worry or worry. Infection or healing?

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Thank you for your pictures and questions. I would say that based on your pictures you are having some mild healing complications. You appear to have some areas of poor healing as well as some inflammation in the area. It sounds as though you are treating the area with antibiotics and local wound care which may be the best you can do at this point. You need to watch the area closely and maintain close contact and follow up with your plastic surgeon as the area progresses to healing. 
Best of luck!

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