If I pay for a crown and it loosens within 3 months should I have to repay if it was not done correctly the first time? (Photos)

Crown was done very thin where you could see tooth underneath. Dr was going to replace it , said in needed to wait 6 weeks . 3 months has gone by my fault I didn't go back right away but now the crown is loose due to being hit in the mouth . Should I still have to pay for the new crown if it was not done the first time correctly ? -also if the tooth is not savable now screw in or bridge ? tooth 8 sits inbween two other crowns that was recently done also why would I need a bridge ?Please help

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Loose crown #DrSoftTouch

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It sounds like your dentist wanted you to be happy and was willing to replace the crown at no charge but you did not return to have the crown replaced. Due to this, you need to accept some of the responsibility. I would recommend returning to your dentist and discussing the matter. You might find that he/she is willing to work out a reasonable resolution, but I would expect that there will be some sort of charge which will be determined by the treatment that is needed. I hope this helps! Click "save" under my name, if you'd like to ask me more questions in the future.

Loosening is not dentist's fault

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While it is unfortunate, looking to place blame is not wise.  While the dentist wanted to "make good", there are limits to his generous offer.  I suggest discussing privately the situation to find a reasonable resolution, but I would not expect an entirely free result.

Loose crown

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It sounds as if there are several complications that need to be taken into consideration. I suggest setting time aside to sit down with your dentist and working out the situation. I'm sure it will be amicable. Your dentist obviously wanted to make you happy but you pushed things past the limit and put them on your time frame not the suggested time frame. This means that you need to accept some of the responsibility. I would exp[ect that you will have some sort of charge. What that charge is is to be determined by the treatment needed.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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