Opening incision. Worse before getting better? (photo)

I feel like it's getting worse and larger. Off antibiotics today. The hole is huge. No fever. PS isn't worried. But I am. What else can I or should I do. I'm 4 1/2 weeks po. And losing it. I've been on rest the entire time.

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With wound complications such as yours

all you can do at this point is to ride it out and do the best wound care you can to help your healing.  I assume you had a tummy tuck from the photo but am not certain.  Regardless, wounds that breakdown weeks after surgery cannot be sutured back and will have to heal in secondarily so be ready to start the wound care when the wound actually separates and know that your would will heal.  If the scar is excessive, you can always have a revision down the road.

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Thank you for your question.  It will get better.  It will take time though.  It will also likely open up a little more before it starts to close as there is some yellow (fibrinous) material in the wound that will slough off.  Do not panic and freak out- just keep in communication with your plastic surgeon.  It is a process but will eventually heal.  All the best, 

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Try to remain calm as this should heal in a few weeks.  It may open up some more and require you to do some packing.  The scar will heal quite good however and may only require a small scar revision in about 6 months.  Try to remain patient and know that this will heal.  Best wishes. 

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Incision Opening up?

Thank you for your question and photo!  If your plastic surgeon is not concerned you shouldn't worry to much.  You may have to do some additional packing.  Best of luck!
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