I Am Having a Circumferential Abdominoplasty in 10 Days and my Iron Level is 6.5! is Safe?

My tests indicate that my iron levels are at 6.5 and my circumferential abdominoplasty is on 19/12/2011.. I started taking 3 umpoles with fresh orange juice and 2 tables a day to raise the iron in my blood before my operation. Please inform me if it is safe for me to undergo is surgery?

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Low iron level?

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Low iron level? Report your lab values to your plastic surgeon's office as soon as you have them and seek guidance. You may consider getting a repeat test to make certain it is not an erroneous result.

Iron level before abdominoplasty surgery

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Did you undergo "gastric bypass surgery" to lose weight ?

If so, many such patients feel "great" after surgery, lose weight and neglect to take their "supplements": Vitamin B's, Medications to absorb iron etc. Remember this is a "bypass" Surgery which excludes areas of your intestines where you absorb important nutrients.

If this is the case check with your weight loss Surgeon and/or Plastic Surgeon to have this worked up and corrected  before surgery. Your complication rate may increase markedly otherwise.

Good luck !

Abdominoplasty, circumfrential

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You must be referring to hemoglobin, which is quite low. For any elective surgery such as extensive ( circumfrential tummy tuck )  your hemoglobin must be at least 12 gram.  If you are feeling  O.K. you must repeat your hemoglobin test to make sure it was not a false report. If it come back below 10 gram it is wise to rescadule youe elective surgery.

Low Iron Before Surgery

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Iron is important for maintaining a normal blood count, but has many other roles that are actually even more central to the healing process.  Your iron levels need to be normal and your iron stores need to also be adequate before undergoing an extensive procedure sucha s a circferential abdominoplasty.

Did you have weight loss surgery ? 

If so, you are at high risk for iron deficiency anemia.  Taking your supplement with an acidifier as you are is the right thing to do, but in my experience it may take many weeks or even months to correct.  Sometimes even an iron infusion may be helpful.

The most important step is discussing these labs with your surgeon and getting to work on them, allowing plenty of time for correction before your procedure.


Iron Level before Tummy Tuck?

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Thank you for the question.

Unless I am mistaken,  I think you are referring to hemoglobin level. Hemoglobin of 6.5 would be too low ( in my opinion) to embark on a collective surgical procedure.

I would ask that your physicians recheck this test (and if correct)  work up the cause of  anemia  prior to the tummy tuck surgery.

Best wishes.

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