Is my Tummy Tuck Botch?? (photos)

Ok I wrote about this a week ago and it seems like there was not a full understanding of what was going on I had a abdoninoplasty and penniculectomy and I got this due to excess skin of the stomach my doctor recommended it me and my insurance approved it I had gastric by pass and I am now 195 I have oozing still from navel and bout a 2 inch section of the incision he said it is normal. I feel like I am in a permanent corset and he didn't even want to give me the surgical garment.

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you need to keep in close contact with your surgeon for guidance on any drainage and slow wound healing. from your photos, you had a limited procedure which will give anybody a limited result. certainly, you will need a stage 2 procedure for further improvement, and that is fairly standard. 

Tummy Tuck result

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I would recommend that you allow time to recover fully- 6 months at least. Pursue further reduction of excess fat through exercise and diet and then discuss additional revision work in the future.

All the best

Tummy Tuck Problems

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From the photographs that you've included, it is my impression that you have some issues with early healing of a limited tummy tuck type procedure. It's in your best interest that you discuss these issues with your plastic surgeon so they can address the healing difficulties that you're having. After three or four months have passed you can then assess whether a small touchup or larger revision to a real tummy tuck would be necessitated to get you the result you want. Good luck.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Is my Tummy Tuck Botch??

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Your "Paddlectomy" result is limited but still appears better than before. Revision would be idicated at some time soon......

Swollen post tummy

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It looks like you still have a lot of fatty tissue above your incision line and that is why your incision is bulging.This may need to be liposuctioned at a later time.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck result

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Hi, Tallen85.
From your photos, you are fairly recent from your tummy tuck.
You do seem to have some excess fat and skin.
However, it my take up to 3-6 months for final result of tummy tuck to come about.  Also you should give your body some time to recover from the surgery.
If you are still unhappy with your result after 6 months, you should talk with your plastic surgeon whether a revision surgery may be needed.
Please follow up with your plastic surgeon closely for the wound care on the belly button.
Best regards.

Is my tummy tuck botched?

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Drainage from the navel can last for a prolonged period of time after surgery but will eventually taper off.  Incisions can take time to heal as well.   Make sure you are eating plenty of protein to help with the healing process.  While your results are not ideal, it would be best to let your body heal for several months and then you could potentially discuss revision surgery with your surgeon.  Insurance coverage for a revision surgery, however, could be tricky.  Best of luck with your continued recovery!

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