Can I Sue my Plastic Surgeon? (photo)

I got a chin reduction a year ago. I still have a ball of fat, tissue, and muscle on the end of it. That is what my surgeon told me. I kept telling him I dont like it and he kept telling me there is nothing he can do. Is that true? I paid $3,500 for this surgery and I wanted a flat chin. I feel like he keeps lying to me. Then the other day he told me its just bone there. I have been so depressed. Can another surgery group do it for cheap if i told them my situation or make them do it again?

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Unhappy with chin implant

If you are unhappy with the result of your chin implant, you should discuss in detail with your surgeon about what can be done.  If you are over 12-18 months out from surgery, it is unlikely to be edema, but could be scar tissue or the implant may have migrated.  If you feel you are not happy with your current surgeon, please consider getting a second opinion.  There are many great plastic surgeons in the Cincinnati area.  I can highly recommend Dr. Ryan Collar who is a facial plastic surgeon at the University of Cincinnati.

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