Is this oozing normal 6 days post Tummy Tuck? (photos)

I had a no drain tube TT on 11/11. I saw my PS on Wed morning and he says everything good he took the mesh off the incision line and just taped some gauze. When I got home i smelled bad, looked down and my shirt was wet The wound was leaking. So I went back in but it was done leakng when I got there so he said it was fine, wrapped me up. Before bed I had soaked through another shirt. This keeps happening. It smells, and I'm afraid it's something and he isn't finding it. Is this healing properly

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Drainless tummy tuck: oozing

Drainless tummy tuck:   oozing

drainage can occur with or without drains.  odor may indicate infection

please fu with your doctor

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Drainless tummy tuck isn't Brainless

Drainless tummy tuck is not just a traditional tummy tuck performed without the use of drains. Specific techniques with either quilting sutures or sparing the scarpas fascia which has the most lymphatic drainage tissue in the abdominal wall deep to the skin. By preserving the scarpas fascia the bodies own internal drainage system can absorb fluid. While the wound is healing some fluid may drain directly through the wound. Close evaluation by your plastic surgeon and good hygiene are essential parts of post operative care.

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Oozing after tummy tuck

Thanks for your question. It is difficult to tell what is going on from the photos. If you continue to have concerns I recommend contacting your surgeon again and following up soon for another evaluation. Some oozing can by normal after a tummy tuck but usually by a week it has stopped. You might have a small dehiscence (opening of the incision). Continue to monitor for any foul odor around the area, and pus drainage, or any fevers/chills and make a follow up appointment with your surgeon.


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