What can I do to make my face smaller? (photo)

I got chin surgery twice and I am not liking it %100. Its been 2 months since I had it done the second time and I am thinking its still swollen...? I want the indent on my chin gone, my chin to be tighter and smaller. Is that possible? Its really pointy when i smile and I hate it. My surgeon suggested cheekbone implants?? Also, in my photos one side of my lip goes up higher when I smile. Can that be fixed?

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Be patient!

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It will take 6 months or even longer for all swelling to go away so you need to hang in there and be patient.  If anything, your chin remains large on the photos you show.  It all depends on what type of chin surgery that you had---was it made bigger?  Smaller?  Was an implant place?  More information will be necessary but your situation is likely improvable.  They same goes for the asymmetric smile issue. Regardless, let things be for a while.

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