I had my chin implant removed given it eroded my bone 4mm. Should I put a new one or better doing sliding genioplasty? (Photos)

At age 22 I put on a 10mm sylicon chin implant. I had a couple of dental Xrays and noticed my bone was gradually eroded. At age 28 I decided to remove it after eroding my bone 4mm approx. I'm 30 years old now and want to do again a chin augmentation. I don't' think my face has a problem in vertical height, but only horizontal projection. I'm concerned another implant will erode even more my bone, should I better go for sliding genioplasty?

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Chin surgery after implant removal.

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In general, the chin can be better managed with a sliding osteotomy following removal of an implant. This surgery offers more versatility. 

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