Im Not Happy with my Chin Reduction. Can a Surgeon Fix It Without Paying Full Price? (photo)

I got my chin reduced a year ago. I feel that my chin sags and theres alot of fat there. My surgeon said he cant do anything about it. I got burrow surgery done. (shaved it back). I want a small chin and i didnt get that when i had my surgery! I am so upset and i feel so ugly and i feel like i have a man face. My surgery cost 3500 and im afraid i will have to pay full price again. I feel that i am annoying him by bringing it up to him alot. What should i do?

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Submental Chin Reduction Is Needed

The reason that you did not get the desired result from your chin reduction is that bone reduction alone is not enough. All that taking bone accomplished was to leave a ball of tissue on the end of the chin bone. To get an effective chin reduction will require a submental approach to remove the excess soft tissue and tuck it under the bone. Without dealing with the soft tissue, a visible chin reduction can not be achieved.

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Revision Chin

Reduction genioplasty is a very tricky procedure. To have revision surgery and not want to pay "full fee" would require that you see the original surgeon. If you choose to seek care from another surgeon, you will most likely have to pay that surgeon's full fee.  Reduction genioplasty can be performed to in many different ways. Once the bone portion of the chin is reduced, the soft tissue must be addressed. Submental lipo, mentalis muscle plication for the soft tissue excess and a special type of implant to augment certain areas of your chin so that its not so pointed. I feel that a slight vertical reduction in your chin would have been beneficial but this is just from the photos available. You should really discuss this with either your surgeon or seek a second opinion. Good luck.  Dr. M

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Improving a prominent chin

I agree with my colleague that your photos show excess soft tissue of the chin.  Management of this requires surgery for removal of the excess soft tissue, usually through a small incision under the chin. 

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