Can you fix a tooth that was cracked and just broke off? (Photo)

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Broken tooth fixes

Hi there,It is difficult to tell from the photograph. When a tooth breaks, the most important thing to find out is why. Is it because of decay? Was it from trauma? Is it because of the way it hits your top teeth? You should see a dentist to answer that question and then the options for treatment will be presented. Sometimes it can be fixed with as little as composite bonding, but with larger breaks they may require a crown, a root canal and crown, or if the tooth is not restorable depending on the fracture, extraction and replacement. See a dentist near you for a firmer answer.Best of luck!

Broken Off Tooth

You likely have a fair amount of decay in that tooth! Is it sensitive to hot or cold? Any aching or throbbing?The tooth most likely will need a crown once all the decay is removed. Hopefully it won't also need a root canal.If the decay goes deep into the nerve, the root canal will be needed as well as a post build-up and a crown.The bottom line- yes, the tooth should be able to be saved. How extensive the treatment to save it is the question.When a tooth has a problem, you best see the dentist right away!

Charles Briscoe, DDS
La Jolla Dentist

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