Is it customary for Blepharoplasty incisions to be asymmetrical? (photos)

I had upper eyelid surgery a week ago and I am concerned that my eyes are noticeably different sizes now. My incisions are asymmetrical. The eye with the lower incision mark was the one with the heaviest lid and it is the eye that is smaller now. I asked my Dr. about why this was done -no reply. I've wanted eyelid surgery for years, I did my homework, went to a few dr's and now I'm just sick about it. I'll give it time, but what should I do if my eyes no longer match in size? Return to my Dr?

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Eyelid Asymmetry Noticed

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I see the asymmetry you are upset about.  You also have swelling and bruising.  A lot of this may resolve over time, especially as the lids relax and hide the scars more.  I encourage you to be patient for at least 3 months.  Let your surgeon know it is something you are concerned about when you go for your follow up appointments.  A revision may be possible.

Eyelid Surgery

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It is still early in the post-operative period. Eyelids many times will look asymmetric in the early healing process and even out with time. I would not worry at this point in time and if you have concerns in the next month, please pose those with your surgeon.

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Asymmetrical blepharoplasty incisions: is this a problem?

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It is relatively common to have some asymmetry in the eyelid incisions soon after surgery due to asymmetric swelling.  Over time, the asymmetry virtually always improves, and it is still quite possible you will have an excellent result.  If the asymmetry persists, a minor revision  on one eye can improve it. I understand your distress, but you need to give it time. ! week is very early, and the final result takes many months.

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Eyelid asymmetry

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Each eye is different, and not all incisions are the same.  At this point you need to give it time to heal. Best of luck.  The difference may improve with time.

Too early to judge results after blepharoplasty

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 Thank you for sharing your question and posting your photograph. It is much too early to determine the results following your upper eyelid blepharoplasty. The scars will not be apparent when they are fully healed. Your eyelids will probably look much more symmetrical when all the swelling has resolved. Be patient, because you have a lot more healing time ahead of you. Please repost your photos in 6 months. Good luck.

Uneven Eyes post blepharoplasty

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Hello there. Thank you for sharing with the physician community. It is more normal, than not, to have uneven swelling post-blepharoplasty. This is very common, and unfortunately causes many patients much anxiety. The incisions should have been placed evenly in the upper eyelid crease and there is no way to tell what the final result will be only after one week. Please visit your surgeon and let him/her care for you with weekly pictures (to track progress) and reassurance.

Asymmetric eyelid incisions

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We try to make the incisions the same on both side.  At times they may be a little different.  You are more swollen on the right, so it accentuates the larger lid platform. As the swelling goes down, they should look much more even. So give it time.  The good thing about upper lid incisions is that it is only seen with the eyes closed.   

Asymmetric Blepharoplasty Incisions

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Thank you for your pictures.  Typically, we try to make the incisions symmetric.  You still have a lot of swelling and 2-3 months from now this may not be an issue.  Please re-evaluate your result at that time.

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